On september 22th, 2016, we were at Grand-Bassam, a city whose a neighborhood (the Quartier-de-France) is classified UNESCO’s World Heritage since June 29th, 2012.

Among all those sources of knowledge, we’ve visited the library of the city. The head of this structure has granted an interview full of dreams, but very realistic.

The manager

lgb001“I’m Pascal GOLI, Director of the Central Library of Grand-Bassam. I’m a teacher with a Documentation specialist training. Since 2003, I am the head of this knowledge’s infrastructure.

I am surrounded by six employees who are teachers and officials of the municipality of Grand-Bassam.

So since 2003, we put at the disposal of the population of Grand Bassam, even all South Comoé region, the conditions for their development and education by the book.

The structure

The Library of Grand-Bassam was previously known under the name of « municipal library ». With the contribution of the French Cooperation, this property is out of the framework of a municipal library to become the « Central Library of loans »

It intends to flood the South Comoé region’s structures with books, enabling pupils and students to take advantage of this temple of learning and knowledge.


At the national level, after the National Library of Côte d’Ivoire, at a standing viewpoint and performance, come next the Central Library of Grand-Bassam.

We get here all personalities who have the chance or the pleasure of coming to Grand-Bassam. We receive students of elementary schools, colleges and high schools. There are also more than thirty students preparing their thesis in this kind house.

The resources

The Central Library of Loans of Grand-Bassam operates under both a public and semi-public plan.

Public in the sense that managers are civil servants.

Semi-public, in the sense that work there officers of the municipality and books supplies comes from donations we receive, often, from the French Cooperation and, sometimes, from the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire and individuals.

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